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With 25 years of nursing experience, including wound care certification, Letty transitioned to full-time cosmetic injecting 10 years ago. She's dedicated to the art of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, continually updating her skills with the latest techniques.


In 2018, she trained with renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Zack Alley of Derma Medical in London, mastering the art of facial balancing and natural beautification. This training provided Letty with the technique she uses today to apply treatments to areas of the face that are lost in shadow. Using various techniques to lift the skin, this allows light to reflect on the lifted surfaces and creates the appearance of smooth, vibrant and balanced features.


Although dermal fillers provide immediate results, Letty is committed to providing long-lasting treatments by using a combination of collagen boosting energy devices and bio-stimulating injectables. Because of her extensive experience in complicated wound and skin care, Letty believes that collagen and elastin production is the most effective anti-aging approach and prefers that clients invest in improving the health of their skin before any other treatment. By laying the foundation of healthy collagen producing skin, the of filler and toxins are the icing on the cake. Letty's holistic approach and genuine desire to help others guide her in creating personalized, natural beauty enhancements.


By collaborating with Inspire Family Health's Dr. Adriana Guerra as the Medical Director for LettyWoman Med Aesthetics, we ensure top-notch patient care. Dr. Guerra provides a medical assessment to each patient to ensure their health and safety. When you become a LettyWoman patient, she applies her years of experience and extensive knowledge to provide personalized and attentive care to your skin.

Meet Letty Lamont, RN: Founder, Owner, Former Wound-Care Specialist, and Skin Expert 
Meet "The Boss" Lauren: Our Office Manager and Diversity Advocate

Meet Lauren, our office manager and the powerhouse behind our operations. Affectionately known as "the boss," she works behind the scenes to keep the gears turning smoothly.

Lauren's role goes beyond management. She is a passionate advocate for diversity in beauty. Her time at LettyWoman has not only sparked her love for skincare but also her commitment to fostering an inclusive space where people of all sizes, colors, and skin types feel their best and most beautiful. 

Meet Jocelyn (Jo): Your Trusted Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist

With over a year of experience, Jo serves as our skilled Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist. Trained in administering treatments like Scarlet and Zaffiro energy machines, she is committed to client confidence and well-being.

But Jo's journey doesn't stop here. Come fall, she's embarking on a new chapter by starting nursing school to become our next medical injector. Jo's own skincare journey has cultivated a deep empathy for our clients. She understands the significance of leaving the treatment room feeling more comfortable in your own skin. 

Meet our medical director, Dr. Adriana Guerra

Dr. Adriana Guerra is a Family Medicine physician and the founder of Inspire Family Health.


Dr. Guerra enjoys nutrition counseling, adolescent medicine, preventive health for men and women (including paps and IUD), Behavioral Health, teaching students and so much more. For established patients, she offers same or next-day sick/urgent visits and telemedicine visits. Dr. Guerra is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Office Number: 512-910-3800

Office Location: 711 W. 38th St. Suite F3 Austin, TX 78705



When you spend the time and money to invest in yourself, you should look and feel radiant, not ridiculous.  At LettyWoman, we strive to create an inviting space where everyone can feel at ease to discuss their individual aesthetic concerns and goals. Intimidating and pushy sales tactics are never utilized to force you into unnecessary procedures or purchases. Whether you are a "botox" veteran or just starting to learn about medical-grade skincare, you will be respected as a friend, and never treated like a number.

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