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Injectables are a range non-invasive treatments to enhance your natural beauty.

Botox, which smoothens fine lines

Fillers that restore volume for a youthful look

Plasma gel which rejuvenates your skin

PDO threads  to lift and tighten sagging areas

SKin tightening

Our skin tightening solutions provide a firmer, more radiant complexion through collagen stimulation and production.


Scarlet stimulates collagen production

Zaffiro offers advanced skin resurfacing


JetPeel exfoliates and hydrates


Elevate your skincare routine with our selection of facials and treatments.

ThermaFacial combines radiofrequency and light therapy

Traditional facials and DermaSweep cater to your unique skin needs

JetPeel deep cleanses and nourishes your skin


These compounds, injected into the deep dermal layer, go beyond traditional fillers by jumpstarting new tissue growth.

Sculptra and Radiesse provide natural-looking volume


EZ Gel enhances facial contours


Plasma Lift Mesh Threads redefine your features

Applying Face Oil
Letty is amazing! After seeing her I look 10 years younger! Before meeting Letty, I had been to 2 separate doctors for filler and my face still was not balanced. One visit to Letty and I was finally even on both sides. She is the best injector, I highly recommend!

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